04.29.19Holly Perkins

Hi again!

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Here are those resources again, and I hope you enjoy them!

A Crash Course in Jazz Appreciation

Your Own At-Home Jazz Club: Acoustics and Ambiance for Small Group Performances

10 Must Know Beginning Jazz Standards

The How-To Guide for Creating a Music Room in Your Home

What Makes the Blues Sound Like the Blues?

How Did Blues Influence Rock and Roll?

A Country Music Fan’s Guide to Nashville
Nashville is next on my bucket list, so I’ve been researching it and thought I’d share this bluesy guide!

Happy trails to you,

Holly Perkins // holly@mindfultraveler.net

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04.17.19Holly Perkins


I just got back from my first trip to New Orleans, and it was the first chance I’ve ever had to see a live blues performance. I actually saw several while I was there, and I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked! To my detriment, I’m a lousy musician, so since I can’t play it, I’ve been poking around online looking for fun, blues-inspired resources for a blog post I’m going to write up about my experience, and I came across your site (this page popped up in my search: http://dennismccumber.com/html/links.php ). I thought you might like to add some of the information I’ve discovered for blues fans to that page, so here you go!

A Crash Course in Jazz Appreciation

Your Own At-Home Jazz Club: Acoustics and Ambiance for Small Group Performances

10 Must Know Beginning Jazz Standards

The How-To Guide for Creating a Music Room in Your Home

What Makes the Blues Sound Like the Blues?

How Did Blues Influence Rock and Roll?

A Country Music Fan’s Guide to Nashville
Nashville is next on my bucket list, so I’ve been researching it and thought I’d share this bluesy guide!

I hope you enjoy! And if you’d like me to write a post for the blues enthusiasts who visit your site (maybe on how to create a music room at home? Or something like that?), please give me a shout - there’s no cost!

Happy trails to you,

Holly Perkins // holly@mindfultraveler.net

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09.20.18Joshua Grady


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The Best,



Hey Dennis! It's Beyang, from the workshop. I was interested in your Funk and Blues book. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a store where I could purchase copies of them! I hope Toronto is great!

07.20.18joe austin

Hi Dennis, I am attending the Crown Guitar festival this year (3rd time) and am curious about your workshop. I am a strong rhythm player (not really any soloing). Although the class is open to all levels, will it mostly focus on leads or a variety of styles? I am looking for a workshop where I can play more, learn some new chops and take my playing to another level. Thanks in advance for providing any info that will help guide me in choosing the right workshop this year. I can send you samples of some of my music if this wuill help. Best regards, Joe Austin, Cupertino CA

07.16.18Bill Corrington

Hi Dennis, I'm here at the Nashville workshop with you and hoping to get a copy of your funk book.


07.16.18Jackie Martino

H Dennis
Thanks for the funk workshop. I’d love a copy of the book and any resources you may have ..I see you have a blues book too..could I get both or pay you for them ? Also, I teach at the King School in Stamford and would love to have you and your students play and teach ! Ill email you in late Aug early sept to see if we can set something up . You are a great teacher ..thank you :) Jackie

05.02.18joe austin

Hi Dennis, I will be attending the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival this year (3rd time) and wanted to know about the workshop you will be teaching. I play both electric and acoustic as a strong rythm player and would like to learn some licks and chord progressions. I can send you some samples of my music if you'd like and if will help you decide if I would be a good fit for your workshop.. Thanks in advance for considering.. Best regards, Joe Austin (friend of Steve Anderson)

03.05.18Way Yin

Hey Dennis - trying again. Way Yin here from guitar camp many years ago. Have a friend who wants to buy his wife guitar lessons. Are you still teaching and can you to a Skype lesson package?

03.01.18Way Yin

Hey Dennis,

It’s Way Yin from Guitar Camp a while ago. Tried your cell, but maybe you changed your number. Hope all is well. Have a friend that wants to buy a set of Skype guitar lessons for his wife. Thought of you. Possible?

12.05.16Guto Santana

Hi, Dennis. How R you doing?

Can you tell me please where I can find the audios from this lessons of yours for Premiere Guitar?


I can´t find it on SoundCloud, only the audios for part 2 are there.

Thanks in advance and best regards from Brazil!

08.06.16John Tencza

I'm looking for exercises to do, in order to develop using the pick at the same time using my other three fingers to pick individual notes. Any ideas would be great, try so much


Hi Dennis,
I used to teach for NGW, I'm originally from Toronto. I have also taught at Brian Murry's Guitar Workshop Plus for several years before I moved to the US. I just got off the phone with Mike Siracusa (I will be headed to Toronto to teach at GWP again in a couple of days) and he said I should look you up.

He seemed to think you might have a music school and I should contact you to see if you need any teachers. Let me know if you do. And we should probably meet up to say hi at some poit even if you don't need any teachers.

Thanks man!

Adam Smale

07.31.16Ivan Resende

Hello Dennis!
I talked with you today on your Clinic at GWP. Could you send me a copy of your Funk Book? Thank you again and all the best!

04.13.16Tom Heany

Hi, Dennis. A while back I interviewed you for the WorkshopLive web site. (I was creating what was called the 'magazine content," mostly for a blog called The Practice Room.) I have recently moved to Westchester County from Florida, and thought I would re-introduce myself. And, if you're performing in the area, I'd like to come by and say 'hello' in person.

Tom Heany

07.28.15Doug Jack

Hi, I have a copy of your book The Total Blues Guitarist. Unfortunately, I have lost the accompanying CD and am desperate to get hold of another copy. Is it possible to do this, or to find a llink to the files online? I live in Australia, and havent seen the book around in the shops for some time or I may even have bought another copy.

Many thanks for your help
Kind Regards
Doug Jack


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Hi dennis
I am travelling from northern canada to Ireland in june 2015. I have three yrs experience in guitar-classical, jaZ and classic rock. Id like to take a few lessons while im up there- although ill have a short stay. Playing with someone experienced and working on rythm in a jazz/rock context are my main goals-can you help? Pleasure to meet you,


02.20.15Patrick Spedding


just fyi I have booked to take your class ("Join the Band – Live N’ Kickin’") at Crown of the Continent Guitar Workshop. I took your class once many years ago at NGSW with my mate Simon.

Anyway, if there are any prerequisites or anything I need to know beforehand to make the most of the class, let me know. Since I'm flying over from Australia, I want to makes sure I get a lot out of it :-)



12.22.14joe boni

Hey Dennis,
Just checked out your Robben Ford section 1. I really liked it , but I had a question. When your talking about the whole half diminished scale on the fifth fret over the a7 chord. It does not include a f natural not. It would be f# if you are beginning your scale on the flat 7 of the a7 chord which would be g. if your are starting this scale on the flat 7 of the g7 chord, then there would be no a natural or c note in it. So I think either way something is wrong there. Please let me know if you agree. Thanks again for the tips!
Joe Boni

Classical/Jazz Guitarist

09.02.14Monique Paulwell

Hi Dennis,
I got your information from Rich Chappel. I'm a singer/actress doing my 2nd vocal showcase at the Triad on Oct 2nd at 7pm. I wanted to check your availabilty for it and 2 1-hour rehearsal prior on 9/14@1:3- and 9/28@1:30. Its a 10 song show and pays $300 all inclusive. Please let me know asap. 301-580-8054

06.27.14Tony Romano

Hey Dennis! Long time, i hope all is well. Someone called me for lessons from the white plains area, and i thought of you. Still in Tarrytown? I wanted ro give her your number but i dont seem to have it. Let me know if you are interseted.


Hey Dennis,

I sent an email I think to your twintele account but I didn't know if you are still using that one. Anyway I'm going to be up in NY for 8/26 - 8/30 visiting my sister in Jersey City so I didn't know if you guys were into getting together. If you are let me know. Talk to you later.


05.07.13Neal Goldberg

Hey use my name and Email to find me on facebook or I'll find you first. I remember you from years back at the National Guitar Workshop... At the time you were Matt Smith's assistant. Hey man I'm hearing Song for M Sweet!!
Sounds great! Anyway I was looking for minor blues turnarounds and an article you wrote about turnarounds used by Clapton, B.B. King and Ronnie Earle came up. Super cool... I'll try to keep updated on where you're playing and send some fans your way sounding great!


please reply call me maybe 347-664-7656

03.11.13Phillip Raclyn

I'm an intermediate player who has hit the wall. Interested in lessons.... can you send me some info? I live in Briarcliff. Thanks


02.20.13Scott Owen

Hi Dennid, I have spent so much time with \"Total Blues Guitarist\" that I feel I been sitting with you in a lesson. My big question is about CCOG and whether I am a candidate for your Jam class. I know that I need to get up and do it! But I am sure you need to have a manageable class. Either a yes or no will not dampen my interest in the journey to Montana. See you then. Best regards! Scott

02.18.13happy crazy

can you email me the guitar cords for "When the Saints go Marching in" for a child please because i want to teach my nephew how to play electric guitar because i bought one for him on his birthday and would like to teach him this song.please:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) :p

01.28.13Rob Clarfeld

My GF, Kristen Paynter gave me your services for guitar lessons for Christmas. I'd like to discuss and set up our first lesson. My office is 914 846-0100 x111 or home, 914 333-0505.

01.11.13Cameron Harris

Love your Premier Guitar articles! I've been a p.s. teacher and blues player for 20+yrs. Myfriend and I have run a "guitar club" sponsored by Joe Carducci at Gretsch for 8 yrs.. If ever in Phx area stop by the lovely town of Gilbert and check us out. C.H.


Hi Dennis
Are you available to give private guitar lessons to someone in tarrytown. This is my big idea for a Christmas present ... Let me know avail, rates and how you like to work it. Thanks


Hello dennis, I recently read your article on quartal harmony and I enjoyed it. Though I do have a question. theoretically why do you use the dorian scale for the major blues ex. Dm for G7 when the notes are the.same as G mixolydian? Why not just call it that? Is there something, more to thinking.minor or dorian?

10.04.12Rich Croce

Do you give private lessons and if so where.

Thanks for your time

09.03.12Mark Cunningham

Hey Dennis,

Nice to meet in Montana and thanks for the lesson on Shot the Sheriff. You mentioned you would be willing to send over the tab to your version of Shot the Sheriff. If you have the time it would be very much appreciated.

Contact info

Mark Cunningham


09.03.12Lorin Hicks

Hey Dennis:
Great seeing you again in Bigfork Saturday nite. Hope the trip back home went well for you and your family. Looked up your latest Deep Blues lesson on Premier Guitar. Will keep checking in. My biggest challenge is developing a routine that incorporates drills, new instruction and learning new songs. Advice welcome....take care

08.04.12Pat Johnson

I just checked out your Premier Guitar clinic - Deep Blues Robben Ford Pt. 1. Just like keys to the kingdom.
You website looks great and more importantly sounds fantastic.
Love to Trish & M.
Cheers from the Great White North



Linked to your site after checking out the Robben Ford lesson on PG's emailer - listening to your music stream now - really dig it. Nice stuff.

Hope all is well.

07.07.12Martin Geifman

Hello Dennis! I hope you remember me. I was in your blues jam session two years ago at the National Guitar Workshop in New Milford, CT. I live in Israel and I brought chocolate for everybody from the Holy land!!!
I just heard the guitar workshop is cancelled this summer. but I already have ticket to the States. I wanted to ask you if you know of any other possibilities for learning guitar during the week of July 29-August 5. Maybe with you? Please write soon. I need to make decisions quickly...

07.06.12John Kovach

What happened to NGW- a bunch of us were signed up for your class. Who runs the one in Montana?

07.06.12mitchell arons

Hi Dennis-

My 13 son Matt, who is a intermediate/advanced guitar player (and singer) was scheduled to be at the NGW Blues Summit in late july/early Augst which unrortunatlely is not happening. Matt currently takes lesons from Vic Juris, who Matt loves and is a great teacher ---especially of jazz-- but Matt was really looking forward to a weekof the blues as it is love. He plays everything from Robert Johsnon to Lonnie Johnson to T BOne Walker to Blind Willie Mctell to Blind Blake to BB king and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I know that it may be early to ask you what your availablity is , if any, but I would love Matt to get several lessons from you if possible. We live in Montclair NJ and I sure we could arrange something in Westchester or in the Candlewood Lake area (we have extended family who have a house on the lake) in late July- mid August.
I would love to hear from you.

Mitchell Arons

07.04.12Don Forschmidt

Hi Dennis,

I am in your July 22 Adult Blues Jam. Very excited to come up to NGW. I purchased your book and was wondering if you are working from that book in the course?Any thing I should work on before hand? I have played back as Teen and young adult. Took off a long time and have gotten back into in the last 10 months pretty much every day. And went back to private lessons at NYC Guitar School. Real comfortable with Pentatonic. Little weak in the theory. Let me know if there is anything I should focus on. Thanks. I look forward to it.

Don Forschmidt

06.17.12levi lemberger

Hello. I came across your name while I was looking for ways I could improve my playing guitar. Briefly, I also tuaght in the NYC Public Schools fo 7 years and then movied to Florida where I continued to teach but shifted from high school and middle school to adults. I retired about four years ago and have been travelling around the world. I've always travelled but now its a full time thing. I take my guitar with me and continue to attempt to improve. I practicve pentatonic scales and chords from an older jazz and blue book by Nunes and Synder. I enjoy playing blues and also play blues harmonica. Occasionally I write songs. My question is how do I go ahead. I don't do well with tabs and I guess I am a slow learnef, but I am a persitent learner. So do you have any ideas that would help me? I write this from CHina where when I play in the street they havent a clue to what I am doing. But the Chinese are almost always respectful, bless their heartse aand even stop at times to listen .
TThanks for reading this
Levi LEmberger

06.14.12Bak MacDougald

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06.11.12Jeffrey Peisach

Hey Dennis! My friend Laurie Raveis and I met last year at NGW (in the Blues Core Performance class) and we're both enrolled in the Blues Rock Jam for Adults in Week 2 at New Milford this year. We're very pumped, but wanted to know if you could tell us a little more about the program. We know it'll be a good mix of instruction and playing, and that we'll get to be the pit band for the final night. But "blues rock" can cover a wide range obviously (all good) so we were curious about some examples of the bands/performers you see us working on. Also, any specific goals you have in mind for the program? And how do the days typically get organized?

I don't want to be a bother or take lots of your time, but any insight you could offer would be awesome.

Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing you in July!


05.11.12Zakaria M. Bashiru

I can't find the link to our performance at P.S.34.Can you please help me?And also extend my greetings to "BOB".
Thank you.

04.15.12Michael Albanese

Hey Dennis,

Where can I buy your recorded material? I gotta get some of that blusey mojo in my ears!


03.31.12Jim Coyle

Hi Dennis:
I am what I would call and advanced beginner guitar player (Age 47) looking to do a weeklong program of intense learning for Blues. Do you feel the July 22-27 week at NGW would be a fit?

01.26.12John Sauer


I see your name listed for upcoming summer program at National Guitar Workshop entitled Blues Rock for Aduits at New Milford campus.

I was wondering if you have any information about the format of this course. I am an adult (60) with a couple of years of bass lessons behind me now. I know that my playing will improve in a group situation but feel pretty insecure about reaching out to some jam sessions locally right now.

I took bass guitar at NGW twice with mixed impressions. Frankly, my criticism for the core bass curriculum is that I felt as though bass players were often assigned to ensembles without enough guidance. I thought that my instructor should have met with the ensemble coaches to fill them in on the bass players' experience and skill level to ensure that each bass player wasn't in over his/her head. And I had one very unpleasant experience in this regard where clearly I was in over my head and no accommodation was made to adjust the bass part to match my admittedly novice level. I felt entirely unprepared and ultimately I declined to participate in the performance, shortchanging my total experience of the NGW program. Frankly, I had the impression that there was some competition among some ensemble coaches which placed undue pressure on the students to perform at a high level (rather than just doing the best they could and have fun).

Sorry for the long email. If you can offer any input that would help me decide whether this adult blues rock program might be enjoyable and helpful, please let me know. Thanks.

John Sauer
Huntington, NY

01.13.12Mike Miller

Hi Dennis

I am thinking of taking your Blues Rock Jam for adults this year at NGW. I took Chess Men with Greg Horne last year, and would classify myself as an intermediate player, but need to work on improv and soloing in all genres of music. I was thinking your class might be a good fit but dont want to get in over my head. What do you think? Your book is a good prep I guess?


12.29.11stan bobrowski

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12.10.11Ken Porcaro

When are you going to Gig again? Andy and i are waiting to see you in the city??????
Are you doing the Alumni Blues summit this summer?

My best to the family ands Merry christmas dude!!!

PS we found a great bass player, so maybe next year I invite you to one of our gigs.......

11.30.11David Nolan

Hi Dennis, Really liked your demo in Premier Guitar. By the way I was the guy with the Heritage Les Pauls in your class in Montana this past summer. Great stuff, Take care, David Nolan, Spokane, Wa.

10.21.11Mike Dewsbury

Yo Dennis. I posted our jam from Bigfork, MT on youtube. IT is called intermediate blues brothers. Look it up. I also have some free time now and will be creating a instrumental jam in A Dorian. Small leap for some, big leap for me. I'll share it with you when I get done. Later.
Mike Dewsbury

10.16.11Ken Porcaro

When are you gigging Man? i am jonesing fo da funk!!!!!

10.05.11River Riotto

Hows it goin Dennis, I'd just like to say that in the past couple months I have improved by far more then I would have on my own, and its thanks to you man, well maybe not ALL to you, what with all the other fabulous guitarists that were there, but this is me reasurring you that you are indeed the most badass. peace n love

09.28.11David Nolan

Hi Dennis saw your artical in premier guitar, Great stuff. Glad I got to meet you in Montana, I was the guy with the Heritage Les Pauls. Anyway hope all is well and thanks again for your help. David Nolan, Spokane, Wa.

09.07.11marc lerner

Dennis, in the departure rush I failed to thank you for the rewarding learning experience you gave me last week. Your instruction was informative, hard work and fun all at the same time. Hard combo to pull off and you clearly have the "chops" to do so. I left with a renewed interest in improving my skills thanks to you. All the best Marc

09.05.11Mike Dewsbury

Hey Dennis. That was an awesome week at the COCGW. Thanks. I think I got exactly what I needed. Now I just need to work at it. If you ever take vacation to the black hills, look me up. The wife and I will make sure you have an awesome time.

09.03.11Justin Graham

Hey Dennis! I had so much fun in your blues class. Thanks for everything and keep in touch!

08.28.11Hollis graves

I bought the total blues guitar. Is this the only help instruction ?

08.25.11Jean Randall

Hi Dennis,
Just a note to let you know we are looking forward to meeting and hosting you for the Crown of the Continent Guitar Fest. in Bigfork, MT. Hopefully the hurricane will stay at bay, so that travel plans don't get too crazy.

Weather here is currently beautiful (80's) and evening temps typically get into the 40's, so pack accordingly.
Send us an e mail if you have any lodging questions.
Wishing you safe travels.

Mahlon and Jean Randall

Mahlon and Jean Randall

07.29.11Steve Jackson

Hey Dennis,

I realized after I left that I didn't go up and shake your hand before I left tis morning. I was trying to go meet my ride and my mind was pre-occupied.

I had a really great week and wanted to say thanks very much for that. I love the way you play guitar and had been very much looking forward to the week. It delivered, and more. Thanks!!


07.28.11Ke Porcaro

Hi Dennis,
Okay I finally got everything up on Facebook and have time to thank you for making this a really enjoyable week for me and Nick.
you spent a lot of time with us not only in class and that made it even better as you know we have a great deal of respect for you.
We are coming back for sure next year and hope to work with you one way or another. paid the deposit Today!
I may take Alumni blues or we may reassemble Kelly\'s tarded b\'s less the Trunk guy of course!!!! We have a full to work out the kinks this time so can you imagine next year\'s pit band? whoa.......

We will definitely get to the groove this year when you play!! i\'ll bring my little special friend Andy. Was he a cool addition this year?? He had such a great time and will be arranging some private lessons with Tobias ralph as tobias mom is i near us in NJ. how cool is that?

Anyway thanks again and year is some research I did for you:

I was thinking about your question Gibson 335 and 336 vs your Yamaha. For the 336 custom: First they use one piece of solid Mahoghany for the back, sides and center beam from the bottom to the heel joint. That is very unique and adds sustain like no tomorrow. Also a bit of SG bite due to the Mahoghany Neck and Body.
Then they do a Maple Cap in pieces for the face, but attached to the center beam it acts like a les paul top with chambers. The cap is attached at the Center beam. the single piece mahoghany neck finished off with a two piece maple top is exactly like a les paul. That makes this more like a les paul with wings. Then they add Vintage pots and wiring to 2 - 57 special classic pickups. i would say you can\'t tweak a Yamaha to match that combination. the 335\'s have similar construction as well.
The only difference there is you have Top Sides and Back made of 5 pieces and bound together. Two for the Top, one for the back and 2 bent for the sides. that bending is a cool process they now do with machines . Used to be done by soaking the wood and locking it into a block mold to gain the curvature.

the Capacitor change we talked about may add some more color:

Capacitor - Polypropylene Film
SBE 716P High Performance Orange Drop Capacitors - 600 Volts
High performance version of the popular 715P series. They are made from polypropylene film and foil with pure copper leads. Rated for 85° operation with straight radial leads with a minimum of 1 1/4\" length. Polypropylene film +/- 5% tolerance.

RoHS Compliant

The Bumble Bees have the oil and paper. You want to match the ratings on the existing caps. they are printed on the face.

black beauties , not the pills, are also cool.

this gives more vintage Bite to your pickups.
Sprague makes remakes.

Easy job if you have a soldering iron Snips and a few free moments.

Take care for now and Thanks Again!




02.21.11Michael Miller

Hi Dennis

I can't recall if I have talked with you or not re:your Blues and Rock Jam for Adults at NGW this summer. Right now, I don't have the week off that you are doiing it, but could possibly switch weeks if I knew it was 100% that week and not another week. Is that the case? Also, would low intermediate level be appropriate(esp if I work through your book?


Mike Miller

02.13.11Mike Miller

Hi Dennsi-

I was psyched to take your Blues Rock Jam for adults at NGW, but probably can't get that week off. Do you know if any of the other seminars are more adult oriented.


01.22.11Randy McCumber

Hi Dennis, found your article in premier guitar about playing better blues...clicked to your site and have been enjoying your music....lol on't know if we're related or not but our surname isn't that that common


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is passionate about playing and practicing guitar in all styles
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As the webmaster, you would be responsible for:
Writing content -- from reviews of video courses, gear and recordings, to artist and manufacturer interviews, playing and practicing techniques and more
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If you’re interested, please email us. We’d love to talk with you.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


10.17.10rabel richardson

hey mr mccumber you were my middle school music teacher: you may not remenber me. nice music, i will make sure when i go back to new york i catch one of your shows.

08.23.10Marnie Williams

Hi Dennis,

I hope you remember me, Trish's old college friend from Oneonta! I had lost Trish's cell number and I often think about you guys. I miss my long lost friend and I wanted to try and get back in touch with Trish. I happen to stumble across this website when I was searching for Trish. Could you have her contact me when she has a free moment. Thanks so much. I hope you all are doing well.

Take care,


08.15.10Gary Monti

Hi Dennis,
Gary Monti here - from your Blues Alumni class. Thank you very much for a great week! Quick question - I have been working on Albert King's song 'I'll play the blues for you' and remember the class had worked out the horn-line intro. It was Bob who played it. Wondering if you recall the progression. Was going to try and play it as well.

Thanks, we'll see you next year,

08.10.10Way Yin

Hey Dennis - Hope all is well with you and Trish! I was wondering if you could send me your UPS address - I have something I'd like to ship you.

08.02.10Way Yin

Hey man

Thanks for your kind instruction last week - I'm really inspired. I hope you and Trish have a great summer


07.28.10Stan Bobrowski

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I hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the good work!

Be well,

Stan Bobrowski
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732 371 7186

07.23.10Paul Finney

The CD from last night's concert has all of the songs we did except oya como va. Thanks again for a great week.



I am so proud to be your poster child!!! now I have to come to your Blues /Rock Jam for Adults.....
if you can handle me 2 years in a row!!!

03.11.10Dr. David Crippen

Check out:


03.09.10dirty mike

i love u!

02.25.10Joshua Altfater

Hi my name is Josh Altfater, i study jazz guitar osu and I am trying to get back into playing just the straight blues, seeing if you could suggest any additional material besides your book and listening to recordings,(maybe with topics relating to diffrent turnarounds, chord approaches/walkups,walkdowns, things like that, please e-mail me back thanks-Josh

12.16.09Keith Glover

Hi Dennis,
I wanted to let you know that the info I learned from your funk class is still seeping in. The scale lesson you taught has completely taken my map of the fingerboard to a new level and even the other night at band practice I had one of those "oh that’s what Dennis meant" moments. Thanks for a great class!

So… was wondering if we could arrange a Skype lesson after the holidays sometime in early Jan.?

Happy Holidays to you and your family,
P.S. How can I download the tunes on your site for my mp3 player?

11.21.09Michael Johnson

Hey Dennis its Michael Johnson From NGW Hows it goin

10.22.09Bob Burnopp

I was a beginner student a number of years National Guitar Workshop and I enjoyed your classes. A number of years later I'm still practicing every day. I wanted to invite you to look at www.myspace.com/jrandthegroovemasters and here some of my stuff. I sing and play ryhthm, my buds back me up big time. regards Bob Burnopp

09.05.09ken porcaro

When is the next gig. I am jonesing for some Mccumber funk.......

How is the lil angel and da Missus?

Let me know this time in advance. I will be there


08.11.09Kurt Nous

hey dennis give me a call anytime 518-364-6879

08.11.09Brian Bruno


I have been practicing my ionian and dorian scales since my return home. I wanted to do some looping of chords so I can practice soloing over them. I know what kind of line 6 you had, but you mentioned that the Boss looper you had, might be cheaper and just as good. Do you have a model # that you'd suggest?

Despite my frustrations over that week, I had a good time. I am super motivated to work on the stuff we went over so I don't ever put myself in that position again. It was a self inflicted wound and I learned alot.

Brian Bruno

08.07.09Jordan Bourne

Hi Dennis,I'm wondering if you've considered posting a free profile for your guitar lessons on our website:http://www.findaguitarteacher.com Free and easy-to-use for students and guitar teachers alike, Find A Guitar Teacher is a popular, comprehensive guitar teacher directory, and we are confident that it will be an effective platform for your music, your guitar teaching, and your professional viewpoint.You can create your own free guitar teacher profile by going here:http://www.findaguitarteacher.com/login.phpI hope that you have a minute or two to take a look.Thank you and best regards,JordanJordan BourneThe Team at Findaguitarteacher.com

08.03.09Dudley Nostrand

Dennis - I wanted to thank you again for a great learning experience at the recent Jam Summit at NGW. I had an incredible experience and really feel I received instruction that can bring my playing to the next level.
You are a great teacher, and I really admire your playing style - it really is where I ultimately wouuld like to be with my playing.
Thanks again, and let me know if you are ever in the Boston area.


04.20.09John Kovach

Dnnnis I am taking your class, the Total Blues Guitarist and you mentioned that you would tell me what pages to concentrate on.
Please let me know- I need the practice.

04.15.09please enter name John Kovach

Hi Dennis,
I was thinking about taking your class the total blues guitarist but I have only taken blues 1 but I have made a great deal of progress after finding the right teacher. Watched your video's on Workshop live. I am 63 and running out of runway - what do you think?
What would you like me to learn well before the Summit in august?

03.05.09Todd McCumber

Music sounds good.

02.21.09Kelly Whitford

Just wanted to say hi. Looks as though you are doing well. It's nice to come here to this site and listen to you play..

01.14.09Fernando Jones

Dennis, we met when you were doing the NGW in Chicagoland last summer. I'm trying to contact you.

12.16.08Don & Mo


We check your site regularly just never wrote. Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you on the 2nd.

11.09.08Ben Robinson

Hey Dennis! Its Ben Robinson From national guiatr workshop. I was in your total blues guitarist class this past summer with Micah and Evan. Sorry I didn't follow up sooner. I'm still playing strong and had a few gigs since NGW, it would be cool to hear how your doing.


11.04.08Eric Farnan

DENNIS! What's happenin' man? Your stuff sounds great, keep it up! I'm not sure if you remember me... I was at NGW this year for like the whole summer. Anyways, keep it real brah.


10.21.08Bob Burnopp

Dennis-- I like your sound recorded @Club Groove that plays when you open your site. Excellent. I want to send you my demo CD of the songs I covered. I've worked hard on rhythm guitar and to sing in key. You may remember me from NGW as the older guy who read a lot of books about the Blues. Let me have a mailing address so I can send my professionally reocrded Demo CD.
Warmest Regards,
Bob Burnopp


Hey, Dennis. Haven't had as much time, recently, as I'd like to play my guitar but instead, I'm in a play: A Chorus Line. It's the hardest show I've ever acted in because of all the dancing, but it's good to have a kind of challenge I know I can do, that I have to work really hard for it.
Nonetheless, I still use the rhythm techniques that I learned from your workshop, and I've been getting more into James Brown (both for myself as a funk musician, and also as role research for the show). If you're in Vermont around November 13-16, you should check out the show.

-R.T. Superfly

09.05.08Ronald McCumber


Are you the Dennis McCumber who was in my home room senior year at Shaker?

If so what\'s up Cousin! I remmember telling you, that we were related, I thought you were my Grandfathers (William Edward), brothers Grandson.. \"Red\" I thought his name was..

Grace Pirri (Mardigian) alphiecat@yahoo.com & Mary Pascale (Yodis) myodis@ncolonie.org are trying to get our 20 Year Reunion going. Peole forget they can type in peoples names in the internet and find out all kinds of things. It is a scary world!

Anyway if you are the right Dennis let me know.

Also Mary said she was a friend of yours in high school.

If I got the right Dennis drop me a note..

Ron (Ronnie)

08.19.08craig oxman

Hi Dennis!
Just wanted to check about getting together starting in September?

08.18.08Seth Greenleaf

When's my lesson king man?



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08.08.08craig o.

Thank you, Dennis, for a great week of teaching me to play better! Craig

07.25.08Ken Porcaro

Thanks again for all the help and the fun at the Jam this week. Always great to listen to your funky groove!! Your session was a blast too! You shredded my hands off dude!!!

Emma is so adoreable too!!! I can't wait to see what music she brings into this world!!

I posted pictures on my myspace page myspace.com/theolrocker and have some video of the classroom jam you guys did. Let me know if you want them on disc and where to mail them and I'll send them up. Also I may make your next giig in NYC 7-31 if I can free up.

Be well and Thanks again



07.24.08dave salvadore

Hi dennis, thank you for great week at the NGW "total blues guitarist seminar" it was a lot of fun and very helpful, your book is great and I am working thru it all. The week just flew buy and I wish I could be around your playing longer! Your a great talent and teacher! (ok, enough of the bulls...t.). Have a great summer and hope to see you again at NGW. dave s. (too many Gibsons)

07.21.08joe maasen

Hi Dennis-
Remember me? - the old guy at NGW Blues seminar? loved the class, but Iforgot to retrieve the (your) CD that you used in the class that you put in the computer. So, if you would email your mailing address to me I'll send you an SASE to send it back to me ( I need help with those licks).
Thanx and I hope to get to Club Groove to see you next week. Peace, JoeM

07.18.08Bret Boyer

Dennis - My daughter and I have been playing UNO all week - the kid has a gift. I'm going to load her up and take her to Vegas.

I had a great time hanging out in Nashville. It was a pleasure to play on your tunes. I'll never forget the look on your face at the songwriting contest. The "do they know they're saying that out loud?" look. I hope we keep in touch this year. I'd love to hear what you're up to.


Dude i totally miss you........TN awaits..

05.10.08corrin huddleston

Nice playing! Cool funky band!! Not overplaying! Nice


Dennis,<br />

<br />

I hope you don't mind me contacting you directly but I'm hoping you can give me some insight on the NGWS.<br />

<br />

I've been 'playing guitar' (just a hobby) for many years. I'm 42 now and have recently changed jobs so I have a bit more time to pursue it properly. <br />

<br />

I have a pretty good knowledge of harmony (chord construction, modes, etc.) and the fingerboard. <br />

<br />

About a year ago I started sitting in at blues jam's and was amazed at just how weak my playing (especially with better players) seemed to be.<br />

<br />

After reluctantly coming to grips with this, I boiled it down to a few things. Fundamental things really. <br />

<br />

(1.) my overall time feel/groove was weak, (2.) my chops weren't quite what I thought they were and (3.) I was suprised to see what an adverse effect 'nerves' had on my playing (even simple things I thought I was comfortable with.)<br />

<br />

I've been working on all of these things as well as taking some Jazz/Fusion lessons. I came across the NGWS site and thought a week of immersion might be just what I need. I looked through the class list and am now torn between the Jam Summit and perhaps a more 'guitar specific' program such as James Hogan's Fusion class.<br />

<br />

I'm hoping you can give me your honest opinion on which you think I might get more out of at this stage.<br />

<br />

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!<br />

<br />